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Boxing Training School for Males and Females

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The Pioneer Valley Boxing School is committed to self-development through an integrated approach to self-defense. We offer comprehensive training in the science of Western boxing to condition the body, increase awareness, and develop confident interpersonal relationships.

And for all women, no matter your age or skill level, take our  Boxing for Women classes.

Our instructor, Djata Bumpus, is a licensed coach with USA Boxing, Inc. He has both amateur and professional boxing experience, and he was managed and trained by Smokin' Joe Frazier. Djata has trained individuals from diverse backgrounds and abilities.

We strive for self-development and help you discover the energy within yourself to achieve your goals.

Levels of Training

Level 1 - Basic Footwork, Punches, and Combinations (No Contact)
Level 2 - Using the equipment, Including Heavy Bag and Speed Bag (No Contact)
Level 3 - Introduction to sparring (with Instructor Only) then sparring with others

Boxers at Our Western Mass Boxing Center


In support of Coach Bumpus, for his support of
the M.W.R. (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation)
boxing program in Camp Udairi, Kuwait.

Soldiers in Kuwait

To whom it may concern:

I began to review our (US Army) M.W.R. boxing program for the field of Kuwait and Iraq, hoping to make it better. I upgraded all the equipment, which enhanced the safety tremendously. I had a great system as far as the structure of the practices, but I needed more technical information, a book or a resource.

I came across a Web site that caught my eye. Yet, it was not the site itself that changed the program, rather, it was the person who responded to my e-mail. His name is Coach G. Djata Bumpus. I told him who I was and that I could use some more information on the practical approach of coaching. Coach Bumpus sounded enthusiastic about doing whatever it took to support the troops. He started sending lesson plans and instructions of basic boxing fundamentals. I was really impressed by his interest and support of our program. As well, he approached me in a very professional manner, emphasizing the importance of providing good information for the troops.

What followed was some of the most comprehensive and easy to understand boxing lessons I have ever seen or heard of. It was amazing. I began implementing them the next day. Not only was it easy to read, but fun to teach. Coach Bumpus’ writing is both creative and articulate. Moreover, his lessons are phenomenal!

The men and women who participated in the program enjoyed and appreciated what I was doing, but it was the practical and relevant information that made the program so successful, regardless of the participants' boxing skill levels or knowledge of boxing itself.

Troops watching a boxing ring

I gladly endorse Coach Bumpus for supporting the boxing program of the U.S. and coalition forces in the theatre of both Kuwait and Iraq, and, I also support him, because he has a special talent for expressing and communicating how to teach boxing. As a coach myself, his contributions were/are immeasurable.

Finally, in addition to his in depth understanding of the game, he also inspired me personally. In fact, before most lessons, he would take a moment to reflect on how a specific lesson ties in with some part of our lives. Being able to connect sports with real life situations is special. Thanks again Coach Bumpus.


Rick Robitaille
Staff Sergeant, Combat Engineer


To whom it may concern:

It is with great enthusiasm that I write this recommendation for Djata Bumpus as an instructor in the art of Western boxing. I have practiced and taught martial arts nearly every day for 30 years. I have studied under several of the most renowned instructors in the world. Thus, it is with a great deal of confidence that I say Mr. Bumpus may well be the best boxing instructor in the United States.

Boxing is a deeply complex “game,” developing like no other discipline, the student’s conditioning, character, and self-defense knowledge. In each of these areas, Djata excels. He has a profound understanding of exercise and training that crosses several sports. He is able to understand each person as an individual and inspire that person to do things they wouldn't be able to do in a lifetime on their own. And, his knowledge of boxing technique, hard-earned in Philadelphia, the Mecca of boxing, is vast. Perhaps most notable is the curriculum he has developed to teach boxing at an astonishingly fast rate. From beginner to champion, the student always knows precisely at what level he or she is, and precisely how to proceed forward. Djata removes the dust and fable and, frankly, confusion, that generally surrounds the instruction of boxing.

Because of the incredible conditioning it imparts, boxing is increasingly taught as a means of conditioning. Going under names like “Boxaerobics” or “Boxercise” a number, perhaps even a majority, of health clubs nationwide now offer instruction in what purports to be boxing. It isn't boxing, and the instructors aren't boxing coaches. “Boxercise” strips boxing of everything that makes it, literally, awesome, leaving only a glistening, but hollow exterior. Djata is truly the real thing. While his classes do leave the participants in top shape, their real value is in self-knowledge and character development, and it lasts a lifetime.

It is my hope that that the aforementioned points do not give the false impression that Mr. Bumpus’ program is directed toward the elite individual. The benefits of his instruction are open to all. I have an employee, who is mentally retarded, who went through several of Djata’s courses. The pride, confidence, and coordination that he earned are plainly visible every single day. As are, I greatly hope, the skills and teaching techniques that I learned from Djata.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at the place and number below, if I can be of help in any way.


Kirik Jenness
Co-Owner, Amherst Athletic Club & Karate Health Fitness Center
(413) 256-0080

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Soldiers in Kuwait

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